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Living in His Love DVD's

( - 2 DVDs)

An exciting DVD series featuring ten sermons from the Northern New England Conference Righteousness by Faith Rally presenters.

Living in His Love DVD. Have you ever doubted God’s love? Or been frustrated that your Christian walk seems to be marked by continuous failure?

You’re not alone.

Join eight Seventh-day Adventist preachers as they grapple with these issues and more. Through it, you will become more grounded in God’s love and learn the keys to living the victorious life.

Filmed on location at the Brunswick, Maine, Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Disc One:
  • The Faith of Jesus | Shawn Brace
  • Justification: The Good News of Acceptance and Assurance in Christ | Greg Carter
  • The Loveseat of Heaven | Cliff Gleason
  • Touched by Our Weaknesses | Rick Kuntz
  • Everlasting Covenant, Amazing Grace | Shawn Brace
Disc Two:
  • When Shall the Sanctuary Be Cleansed? | Bob Sailer
  • Spirit Baptism and the Cross | Rick Kuntz
  • What is Righteousness? | Jay Neil, Jr.
  • In Him Was Life | Arnet Mathers
  • The Bride’s Final Response | Bill Brace

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