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Prepare NOW for the Final Battle DVD Set

(David Gates - 6 DVDs)

Prepare NOW for the Final Battle

The Showdown Between Truth and Lies!

Pr David and Becky Gates

6 DVDs

'In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.' - George Orwell

1. Total Dependence on God - Learning to trust, obey and let go
Our world is headed for an end time crisis. Only those learning to depend entirely on God will come through successfully. Learning total dependence is not optional.

2. Divine Principles of Management - Learning to Be God’s Stewards
Management of our material possessions is but a test to see if we can be trusted to manage God’s greater resources. What are the divine principles of stewardship we must learn?

3. Protocols for Ambassadorship - Qualifications of God’s Representatives
We are God’s representatives on Earth. Earthly ambassadors are not at liberty to do their own will, but must represent their Head. Does God expect any less from his ambassadors?

4.Conquering and to Conquer - Participating in Earth’s Final Conquest
To participate in God’s final conquest of the Earth, it is necessary to understand what He is doing. Understand God’s game plan and allow Him to prepare you NOW.

5. Extreme Commitment - Learning to Follow the Lamb
Tomorrow’s big decision of life or death is already being decided today, through the small decisions of life. The shaking has already started. Which side are you on?

6. To Him that Overcometh - God’s Special Forces
Every earthly military force also has special units who are trained to prepare the way for the larger army. These are not drafted but voluntarily submit to extreme training in order to assume extreme responsibilities. We must strive to be members of God’s Special Forces.

About the Presenters
Pr David and Becky Gates run Gospel Ministries International which is a faith-based, volunteer-driven organization which seizes opportunities to carry God’s love, through sacrifice to the world. This has taken them all round the world and placed them in some of the most challenging places of the globe in a variety of missionary roles, including Peru, Mexico, Trinidad, Tobago, Guyana and Venezuela.

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