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Walking with Jesus through the Book of Romans DVD

(Jeff Wehr - 6 DVDs)

Are you justified? Are you sanctified? Will you be glorified? Let Jeff take you for a walk through the book of Romans with Jesus and find the answers.

A 6 DVD series including:
  • Manifesting God’s Righteousness - Romans 1:1 - The gospel of Jesus Christ is not about making ourselves righteous, but manifesting the righteousness of God. God will share with us His own righteous character. But it must be receive by faith and not by works.
  • Under the Law - Romans 3:19 - As Christians, are we no longer “under the law”because the Ten Commandments have been abolished? Absolutely not! Discover what it means to be truly “not under the law”.
  • O wretched man that I am - Romans 7:24 - When a man realizes that he cannot save himself, he has come to the very important place of admitting his own helplessness. Then and only then will he truly reach out for divine help and begin to live by faith in what God can do in him.
  • The Manifestation of the Sons of God - Romans 8:19 - As we longingly wait for the coming of Christ,men and women of faith all around the world are also waiting for something else, namely, a movement of people who truly live by faith and reflect the image of Jesus in the life. 
  • Facing Life’s Trials - Romans 8:28 - For us to gain strength from every trial, we must believe that all things work together for good to them that love God. We are persuaded that God can make us better, not bitter, in every test and trial.
  • The Love of God - Romans 8:38, 39 - It is the work of Satan to cause doubt in God’s Word, His character, and in His love toward us. To be successful in this Christian life we must be persuaded that nothing can separate us from the love of Christ. We must have
  • Bonus: 45min Interview on Jeff Wehr's Life Story - Brian Way (STL Programs Coordinator) interviews Jeff Wehr about his life story and ministry endeavours. 
About the Speaker:

Jeff Wehr has served in the Lord's work as a pastor, teacher, writer, and speaker. He is the author of several books as: Kindness Living; Commentary on Romans: Daniel and Revelation Decoded; The War between Christ and Satan; The Passion of Christ; The Heavenly Trio; The Ten Commandments, and more. He has enjoyed speaking on every continent and believes in the nearness of our Lord's return. Jeff and his wife, Alena, live in the United States with there son and daughter Nathan and Laura. 

Includes a free extra interview with Jeff Wehr.

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