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Where There is No Vision the People Perish

(John Brereton - 1 DVD)

This was true for ancient Israel.  It is just as true for us living today in a world that has all the biblical signs of it coming to its end! Ellen White was called of God for a specific purpose.  As with us all, her life wasn’t free from trials, loss and hardship but God used her in a mighty way to strengthen the early Church and to shed light on our pathway as we endeavour to be His last day remnant.

Meet John Brereton

John Brereton was a druggie who encountered God and eventually smuggled message books throughout South East Asia for God.  He has spent 38 years in Literature Ministry in a number of roles. John and Michal have experienced God’s protection and leading many times. 

Six years ago John commenced the Adventist Motorcycle Ministry in Australia.  John is sharing his inspiring story of God’s leading in his life so that our faith in God’s love and care for us will be strengthened. 

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