Videos by Yip Kok Tho

Unbiblical Christian Meditation And Hypnosis

Video number 2: Unbiblical Christian Meditation And Hypnosis.
Science explains what happens in the brain in hypnosis. Under hypnosis you are very open to receiving suggestions and Christians may be deceived by men, meditation groups and supernatural spiritual agencies.

Video number 1 available here:

Should Christians do Contemplative prayer?

Is Catholic contemplative prayer called Centering Prayer ok for a Christian? Yip Kok Tho, Former Zen Meditator gives the answer

Is it okay for Christians to do Tai-Chi?

Is it okay for Christians to do Tai-Chi? Former Zen meditator Yip Kok Tho answers.

Testimony from a Former Buddhist Zen Meditator

A powerful testimony from a former Buddhist Zen Meditator. A clear distiction between Buddhism and Christianity. Watch, Be blessed and Share!

The difference between Biblical Meditation and Eastern Meditation

Brother Kok Toh, a former Zen Meditator talks about the difference between True Biblical Meditation and Eastern Meditation.


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