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Surrounded...But Don't Surrender!

You're surrounded by Satan but don't surrender!! Help is at hand. In the end time Satan is allowed to keep tightening the vice on those who choose to serve God. How long will it last? What is Satan's battle plan? How can you survive?

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Alternative Sexuality and the Church

The purpose of this seminar is to inform, educate, equip, and inspire the Christian to be more effective, when faced with the Gay Puzzle, in loving Gays to Christ." DVDs and Digital downloads now available on our online shop.

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Walking with Jesus through the Book of Romans

Are you justified? Are you sanctified? Will you be glorified? Let Jeff take you for a walk through the book of Romans with Jesus and find the answers.

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What is the Final Atonement?

The phrase "final atonement" is unique to Adventism. What does it mean? Does it discredit the atonement Jesus made at the cross? This study shows why an understanding of the final atonement is absolutely essential if there is to be a "finished work" in Adventism. It also examines why Adventist lifestyle standards are "higher" than those allowed in Bible times.

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The Last Piece of the Puzzle

What kind of death did Jesus experience on the cross? What is the song of Moses and the Lamb?  What is our mission as Seventh-day Adventists? How are these related?

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Prepare Now for the Final Conflict

Prepare NOW for the Final Battle, The Showdown Between Truth and Lies! 'In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.' - George Orwell. Our world is headed for an end time crisis. Only those learning to depend entirely on God will come through successfully. Learning total dependence is not optional.

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Broken to Breakthrough Trailer

This testimony chronicles the life of one family’s amazing passage in finding healing with God. Christian and his loved ones put the past behind them and embraced the journey from Broken to Breakthrough, finding joy, peace, and purpose in this life and the eternal life to come!

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Promo clip for 1844 and Being Honest About Our Doctrines

Some people believe in 1844 mostly because they refuse to think or look at any objections to the teachings of the Adventist church. Others abandon key aspects of our teaching because they do look at objections. Eugene Prewitt addresses how one can be intellectually honest without losing one’s spiritual bearings

Feast Keeping and the Faithful

Have you ever wondered if feast keeping is something that Christians are to consider following today? Do you know someone who is a feast keeper, or, are you already keeping the feasts to the best of your ability? Pastor Justis St. Hilaire explores these questions and considerations from a Biblical and Spirit of Prophecy approach that will encourage and enlighten this issue that many are looking into today. The answers to these questions will surprise you.

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