The Gut Connection

More than 6 hours of eye-opening information. Titles include, "The Cabinet Maker, The Gut on Slow Motion, Toxic Man Detoxing, and more!. "The very best of diets can be no better than the very worst, if the sewerage system of the colon is clogged with a collection of waste and corruption." - N. W. Walker, D.Sc., Ph.

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DIY Home Health - Natural Body Care pt 1

Our largest body organ is our skin. Learn how to care for your whole family's skin needs. Jana and Ben will demonstrate how to use natural ingredients to make your own inexpensive skin care preparations at home.

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Freedom from Depression

Freedom from depression and anxiety is possible through understanding and addressing causes of these common ailments. These talks explore common causative factors for these conditions and how they can be addressed successfully. While genetic inheritance can often play a part, there are almost always other environmental factors, which if treated can lead to successful, lasting recovery.

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Curtailing Cancer @ Home

We ALL produce cancer cells in our lifetime. How then can YOU Avoid Getting Cancer? Could your environment, what you eat, and even the air you breath be the culprit? How can you arm yourself against this Deadly Killer? Now you can find the answers!

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Food as Medicine

How can I use food to prevent and treat bugs such as the common cold, herpes viruses, candida and intestinal parasites? How can I use food to help prevent and treat anxiety and depression? How can I use what I eat to prevent and assist in the treatment of arthritis, cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease?

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Burnout, Allergies and the Famous Five Natural Remedies

Burnout, Allergies and the Famous Five Natural Remedies with Dr David Bird.
Why is there an epidemic of tired people? How can chronic fatigue syndrome be avoided and how can it be treated? Why is there an epidemic of allergies and sensitivities. How can we avoid and treat these common conditions?

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Exercise and Back Care

The Role of Exercise in the Prevention of and Recovery from Illness 
e.g. heart disease, stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer, etc. Recommended daily levels of exercise.
Practical Back and Neck Care. How to Look After Yourself!

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Jules' Kitchen Rules Cooking Demo

Julie-Ann is the operations manager of Tasty Az, a catering and hospitality social training enterprise assisting able and disabled young people to gain employment in the hospitality industry. She has had vast experience over the past 25 years including establishing catering operation in golf resorts, assisting coordinate catering on luxury cruise liners, including the QE II, and national and international 5 star hotels, co- managing the model Mitchell View training restaurant at Swinburne TAFE and working as a hospitality educator.

Julie will be sharing her expertise with us in the preparation of whole food, plant based recipes.

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Pain: Acceptance, Endurance, Deliverance

What is pain? Which type of pain? Why am I in pain? How do I get relief? When will I get relief? 
David Bird offers insightful and practical answers to this and more questions. Plus learn from Peter Roberts how to relieve pain with simple home remedies. 

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The Bacteria Connection

Our bodies can only remain healthy with the correct balance of beneficial bacteria. Today the average Australian does not live in this "eubiosis", but rather in an balanced state (dysbiosis). When this unbalance condition is found in the gut, it can lead individuals to a whole range of disease conditions. 

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A New and Powerful Way to Implement Real Health

Take charge of your own health with lifestyle medicine - the only way to have lasting health!

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Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Explore the mind-body connection presented by Health Psychologist Jenifer Skues.   

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The Weight Connection - Trailer

The Secret to Healthy Weight Management!

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