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Air - making a N.E.W.  S.T.A.R.T.


In the beginning ... breath gave life.

In the last century, man has conquered some of the most extreme environments - exploring the deepest oceans, scaling the highest mountains, and even venturing into outer space. But one common challenge had to be overcome before any of these achievements were possible: The adventurers had to learn how to take their air with them so they could breathe.

Breathed into Being

Looking closely at the biblical creation account, you'll notice something very unique in how God created mankind. He formed Adam with His own hands and breathed His "breath of life" into his lungs. If the "breath of life" began our existence, it stands to reason the absence of that breath can terminate it.

As you'll see, the air you breathe and how well you breathe it has a huge impact on how long you actually remain a living being: It can either be a "savour of life unto life" ... or "death unto death" (2 Corinthians 2:16). Take a deep breath ... and keep reading!

Amazing Physiology

Why is air such a heavy subject?

Oxygen is our body's most important physical need. Although air is composed of only about 20 percent oxygen, each inhalation brings this life-sustaining gas into the lungs. Oxygen then diffuses into the bloodstream, where it is transported allover the body via your red blood cells. It is mostly used to facilitate reactions involving the body's main energy source: glucose. Without oxygen this energy source would be useless.

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